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Welcome to the official iPhone unlocking site used by hundreds of thousands of iPhone users just like you. Our solution allows you to instantly unlock and jailbreak any iPhone and works on all basebands and firmware versions, even the latest iOS 5.

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    Unlock Any iPhone

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    24/7 Customer Support

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    Voted #1 Unlocker

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    100% Safe

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  • Unlock iPhone

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    Download Our Solution

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    Follow Our Easy Guide

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Update: iPhone 4s can be unlocked now.

Unlock iPhone 4s

We have now got the solution to unlock the new iPhone 4s.Look at the reviews below from the customers who unlocked their iPhone 4s.



Name: Jeremy
iPhone4s: ios 5

I was a bit hesitant before buying these guys product because iPhone 4s is recently launched however they offered a refund guarantee which which made me convince to buy from then and guess what my iPhone 4s is now unlocked.

Name: Fleming
iPhone4s: ios 5

I have used unlockiphone.org service in the past around 2 years ago when I was using an unlocked iPhone 3g and when I purchased iPhone 4s I was sure that I am going to use these guys service again. They are having the best and easiest name to remember unlockiphone.org and after following their simple steps I was convinced that I was not wrong to use their service again. Good job guys I have jailbreak and unlock my iPhone 4s.

Recent Reviews from EUROPE CLIENTS

Name: Gillespie
iPhone 4: iPhone 4 4.3.3

I have purchased my iPhone from Australia when I was on a tour to Melbourne. I purchased iPhone 4 in Australia because there was a good sale running at that time. But when I returned to US I was unable to use it because it was locked. I placed an order from unlockiphone.org and guess what I was able to unlock my iPhone and now I am using it on latest firmware 4.3.3.

Name: Shaun
iPhone 4: iPhone 4 4.3.1

I live in Sydney, Australia. My niece from UK gifted me iPhone 4 but unfortunately I was unable to use my own carrier on this great mobile because the iPhone 4 gifted was purchased in UK and myself living in Australia was unable to use it because it was locked. After few days my niece told me about this company unlockiphone.org and following these guys instructions I was able to unlock my iPhone. A great thanks to you guys from me Shaun from Australia.

Name: Taylor
iPhone 3gs: iPhone 3gs 4.3

I am from Australia and I love my iPhone. However I travel a lot all over the Europe because my business demands. Whenever I am outside Australia I was forced to pay huge roaming bills but when I come to know about unlocking I have contacted unlock iphone guys and now because them I am able to use any carrier on my iPhone and I am able to save lot of money I use to spend on roaming, whenever I am outside Australia

Name: Franz
iPhone 4: iPhone 4.3.1

I am from Germany. My English not good but I want review to give because I am very happy with this service. I unlock iphone 4.3.1 with this service.

Name: Munich
iPhone 4s: iPhone 5.0.1

Hi, I am from Germany but I purchased my iPhone from US when I was in US. I wanted to unlock my iPhone and I placed an order from these guys and I am very happy. Now I can use any network on my iPhone 4s.

Name: Roger
iPhone: iPhone 2G

I was worried that my 1st generation iPhone wouldn't be able to be unlocked but it was actually much easier than I thought it would be. It only took about 5 minutes and my iPhone was ready.

Name: Davey
iPhone: iPhone 4 4.1

I just got my iPhone a few days ago but I'm already fed up with ATT and their horrible service so I needed to switch it over to t-mobile. I don't know much about unlocking but your tutorials made it easy for a novice like myself.

Name: Walter
iPhone: iPhone 4 4.2.1

I heard about you guys on the dev blog and decided to try it out and I'm glad I did. This is the first time I've managed to unlock iPhone without losing MMS or screwing up my GPS so you guys must be doing something right!

Name: John
iPhone: iPhone 4 4.3

I just wanted to write in and let you guys know how much I appreciate your unlocking solution, I was having some trouble getting through the unlocking process (i'm horrible with computers) but your support staff guided me through the whole thing and helped me unlock my phone.

Name: Thomas
iPhone: iPhone 3GS 4.0

I've had my iPhone for a few years and was getting tired of my current provider, I tried a few other unlocking sites but none of them worked right until I found out about your site from a friend. The process took just under 10 minutes and I was making calls!

Name: Andrew
iPhone: iPhone 2G 3.1

I used to think that iPhone unlocking was a tiresome and complex process but after going through your tutorial and unlocking my iPhone I can say with confidence thats its one of the easiest things you could do with your iPhone! I'd reccomend you guys to anyone looking how to unlock their iPhone.

Name: Micheal
iPhone: iPhone 4 4.3.1

I was a little bit worried about trying to unlock my iPhone but your guides and tutorials made it very easy (especially the screenshots) and within minutes my phone was unlocked and ready to rock!

Name: Javier
iPhone: iPhone 3G 3.1

I run a cell phone store in New York and when customers come in requesting an iPhone unlock I always use your solution because I know its been proven to work over and over and is a safe solution to unlocking my iphone!

Name: Xing
iPhone: iPhone 3GS 4.2.1

I was traveling through Europe and needed to unlock my iPhone for business calls, I panicked after a few other unlock sites didn't work but after using your solution I was able to unlock my iPhone and insert a SIM from a local service provider.

Name: Lily
iPhone: iPhone 3G 4.1

My son wanted to use tmobile instead of ATT but was dissapointed when he found out the iPhone was locked to a single carrier, I looked around the internet and found your website and managed to unlock the phone myself within a couple of minutes and now he's enjoying his new service provider.

Name: Marcos
iPhone: iPhone 3G 4.02

I'll keep it short and simple, your unlock solution actually works! Its a shame I wasted so much time with other unlocking solutions.

Name: Hubert
iPhone: iPhone 3GS 4.02

My friend told me about you guys after I told him I was tired of ATT, I was a bit skeptical but decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did because now I'm on a new provider without the dropped calls ;)

Name: Ross
iPhone: iPhone 3GS 4.1

This was my first time trying to unlock an iPhone but your tutorials made it very easy to understand and follow along, keep up the good work guys!

Name: Christopher
iPhone: iPhone 3GS 4.2

I have tried countless unlocking sites but this is the only one that actually worked on my iPhone 3g without messing up my GPS. Thanks a lot!

Name: Lisa
iPhone: iPhone 4 baseband 5.14

You guys are so awesome! I tried another unlocking site but it ended up breaking my MMS but yours not only managed to fully unlock my iPhone it also fixed the issue caused by the previous failed iphone unlock.

Name: Mathew
iPhone: iPhone 3GS baseband 5.14.02

I've never unlocked an iPhone befoe but your solution was very easy to use, I just followed the directions you provided and before I knew it the entire process was completed and my phone was fully functional.

Name: Andrew
iPhone: iPhone 4 baseband 5.12

I just wanted to thank you for helping me unlock my iPhone, I was overseas and needed a solution ASAP and you guys delivered :)

Name: Sam
iPhone: iPhone 4 baseband 5.12.01

You guys are great, I told all my friends with iPhones about your site so keep an eye out for them!

Name: Scott
iPhone: iPhone 3G baseband 5.13.04

I just wanted to write in and thank you guys for helping me with my first iPhone unlocking, you guys made everything easy and very pleasant.

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