Oct 10, 2011

The path breaking iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S

"Apple iPhone 4S"

Apple iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S will propel Apple beyond RIM and its popular Blackberry series. This is also imperative if Apple wants to be a serious contender as a provider of mobile solutions. We will have a close look at the features of the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S. To improve upon something which is already amazing is a challenge and is something which is always loved by Apple. The iPhone 4 is a path breaking mobile phone and way ahead of its compatriots. Therefore it must have been very challenging to bring out the iPhone 4S which has been crowned the number one smartphone in the world by critics. Building upon the path breaking design and features of iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S was born by redesigning the inside.

The features which has been included in the iPhone 4S is as follows-

  • Introduction of the A5 Chip which incorporates the dual- core chip design which allows the smartphone to have twice the speed as its earlier compatriots.
  • A redesigned camera with 8 megapixel resolutions and all new optics
  • iPhone 4S has been redesigned with the iOS 5 which allows you to access more than 200 different types of applications
  • Includes the iCloud which allows you to store your photos, videos, messages, contact details, applications and much more

The Siri- Your personal assistant

"Apple Siri"

Apple Siri

This path breaking feature will change the way you will look at the smartphone: Siri. This feature gives the user the services of a personal assistant who will work with your voice and gives you the option to send messages, schedule meetings, reschedule meetings, place phone calls and many more such useful functions. Siri is markedly different from other voice operated applications since it understands what the user says; it interacts and talks back to the user. In short Siri makes the user feel that he is talking to the smartphone. Siri is proactive and it will keep asking questions to the user until it finds what you need.

Introducing the newest feature that will change the way you look at a smartphone: Siri. With it, you will finally have an assistant that answers all your wishes and make your life easier. Siri works with your voice and allows you to send messages, schedule or cancel meetings, place your phone calls, and many more. Unlike any other voice operated applications, Siri understands what you say, what you mean, and it talks back to you. It is easy to use while doing so much for you.

A5 dual core processor

"Apple A5 Chip"

Apple A5 Chip

With an A5 dual core processor in its heart which allows the application graphics to run at a speed which is seven times faster. Applications like browsing the web, launching different applications, playing games have never been faster and easier with your iPhone4S.  The A5 chip is also a very power efficient chip and its battery life is long. If you are a Games buff, you will love this Smartphone.

8-megapixel Camera

"iPhone 4S 8MP-Camera"

iPhone 4S 8MP-Camera

The pictures you take with the iPhone 4S seldom look like a picture which has been taken with a smartphone camera. Apple has added another lens to the camera of the iphone 4 and the result has been quite astounding. The aperture has also been modified for allowing more light for excellent pictures. So if you are still using your unlock iPhone 3G, then now is the time to upgrade!

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