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Nov 14, 2011

Why should you Buy iPhone 4s?

iPhone 4s was launched earlier in October this year and produce a mega sales all around the world. iPhone 4s is really an impressive touchscreen smartphone with the 4th generation features. However, there are many touchscreen smartphones available in market then why should you buy iPhone 4s? Why should you buy iPhone 4s when you have a lot of touch screen smartphones variety? Many people are like this and they question ‘why should we buy iPhone 4s?’ There are so many reasons which make Apple’s iPhone 4s superior then many other companies like Motorola, Samsung and HTC.

Know about SIRI

The outstanding features of iPhone 4s becomes the answer for the question ‘where should you buy iPhone 4s’. Among the most amazing iPhone 4s features, you will find SIRI, 8 mp pixel camera with 1080p HD video recording and a dual core processor with amazing retina display. The newest feature in market, which no other phone can give you, is SIRI. It is basically an artificial intelligence progress and the engineers of Apple Inc. became the first to introduce it in a smartphone making it very smart! Using this feature, you can communicate with your iPhone 4s to ask almost anything and the SIRI replies you back with a computer voice recorded sound or searching through internet. For instance, you are looking for a taxi cab and you ask SIRI, ‘I would like to travel around city in a taxi cab’, SIRI will respond back with searching internet and checking your GPRS location to make a call to your local taxi cab office. In the same manner, you can do more stuff with your amazing iPhone 4s. The speech to text feature in iPhone 4s is also appreciable. This is the main reason people buy iPhone 4s because it understands you!

iPhone 4s Camera is the best

If you give priority to a camera in a phone, you must buy iPhone 4s! It has an 8 mp camera with 1080 HD video recording result. The camera is upgraded to all new optics, better zooming result and nature-like color contrast to make a professional photographer experience! You can see comparisons between iPhone 4s and other camera phones. You will be glad to find iPhone 4s camera the best!

A5 processor and other features

A new A5 processor dual core chip added to iPhone 4s can be another good reason for the question ‘why should you buy iPhone 4s’. This is making the phone performance really fast and high speed to browse internet, use applications and games. Makes your iPhone 4s fun to use and enjoy. Moreover, CDMA & GSM works together on iPhone 4s, the longer battery life time and 8 hours calling time making your experience best. You must buy iPhone 4s if you care about having best gadget.

Where to buy iPhone 4s?

Where to buy iPhone 4s? There are many choices for you to buy iPhone 4s. You can either check in Apple Online Store or you can visit Apple retail stores to instantly purchase iPhone 4s. There are also many other options available for you to buy iPhone 4s like Amazon, Best Buy, Radio Shack etc. This definitely depends on you which purchasing shop suits you more and which carrier you like to have. Remember, iPhone 4s are locked mostly and use only one carrier network’s of your micro SIM card.

Nov 5, 2011

iPhone 4s Camera: Review

The new and amazing iPhone 4s camera

iPhone 4s has been launched earlier in October and has boomed the market around the world. It has a lot of quality features and some new innovations. More concern here in this article is about iPhone 4s camera. It has the best camera any iPhone model has got and featured an 8 mega pixel camera with new optics that gives you the very good results for the ideal photo shots.

iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 4s camera

When you look at pictures of both phone cameras, you will learn that more realistic colors are snapped with the iPhone 4s because of good algorithms designed in iOS 5 as well as well engineered camera!

iPhone 4

iPhone 4s

Comparing it with the iPhone 4, it has got 60 percent more pixels. iPhone 4s camera is 8 megapixel with an HD output of 1080p video recording, whereas, iPhone 4 had 5 megapixel camera with 720p. More megapixels makes dramatic difference for your photo shoot and provides you high quality. When you compare pictures of iPhone 4s with iPhone, you will learn the difference. Let’s take a look at some of the pictures to know how good is iPhone 4s camera.

One thing which is of more concern is, iPhone 4s camera is less brighten than iPhone 4 but provides natural looks. Take a look at photos.

iPhone 4

Test with tree picture
iPhone 4s

Features light weight, new optics, better algorithms and other technology parameters!

You can clearly see the difference for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s cameras with the above pictures. iPhone 4s camera is basically light weighted, engineered with more precision and high definition. The new optics technique they have designed makes a lot difference. Moreover, A5 chip used in the iPhone 4s makes it possible to tap and focus the camera quickly. Also, shutter lag is tends to zero now. The iOS 5 provides more complex algorithms which provide further color accuracy and white balance as well as better color result and in pictures, you will see that iPhone 4s pictures are more brighter than iPhone 4 ones. Take a look at some photographic result with the new iPhone 4s camera.

Comparing with old iPhone 3GS and other models

If you compare iPhone 3GS camera with the new iPhone 4s camera, you will see that technology has raised a lot now! iPhone 3GS camera provides a quarter equal result as compared to new iPhone 4s when talking about camera. iPhone 3GS camera video recording was only 480p. Other models were more less in resolution as compared to 2GS and iPhone 4. Take a look at all of the models of iPhone in a picture.

Apple declares it as ‘best mobile phone camera’!

Apple Inc. also declared this camera as the ‘best possible camera you ever wanted in a mobile phone’. They have declared better engineering and technology parameters as well as software algorithms made the iPhone 4s camera best one can get. Face detection techniques is smarter and can provide balance exposures up to 10 faces. The result on HDR and photo streaming options provide you more options to share photos with your friends and family. Result on computers is also very clear and satisfies you to choose this phone if you love camera and a phone together in one place!

Oct 13, 2011

How to get ready for the new iPhone 4S



It is a very puzzling situation when you migrate from an old phone to a new one and if the new phone is something extraordinary gadget like the iPhone 4S, it becomes even more urgent to securely transfer all the data including contacts and apps to the new smart phone from the old one.  Changing over from an old iPhone 3 to a new iPhone4S is quite a problem and it can be a bigger problem if you are changing carriers also. However if you have a little bit of knowledge and tact, you can easily accomplish this job without having to endanger your privacy. Just 10 minutes of your precious time is all that is required to read this article and you will not have to sweat it out to set up your new iPhone 4S.

What to do With Your Old Phone



There are many options which you can have with your old iPhone 3. You can keep it, sell it, or recycle it. If you decide to keep it , it will have a number of use like , it can function as a pocket PC, or you can use it as a backup phone in case you lose data from your ne iPhone 4S due to some unexpected reasons. You can give it to your family members especially kids who will still love it. Do not forget to remove all your data since you do not want the kid o lose it with your credit card number saved in it.

The next option is to sell it. You can seek to sell the old iPhone on the eBay or Craiglist. However you can get the best price if you try to sell your iPhone yourself. However if you do not have the time to sell it yourself, try your luck in NextWorth or Gazelle. The price may be a little less than your expectation, but still you will be avoiding a lot of legwork and trouble.

You can also donate your old iPhone (even if di the unlock iPhone thing). There are a number of charity programs which will accept the old iPhone. Donate it to a NGO that is working on a cause you believe or a public charity you know. Once again, do not forget to erase all data from your phone.

Apple has a recycling program for old iPhone. There are some incentives; however it does not equal the money you will get by reselling it. However it is environmentally friendly and better than just throwing it away. Again, do not forget to erase all the data before giving your old iPhone for recycling.

Prepare for the Migration

"iPhone 4S"

iPhone 4S

If you are carrying on with your own carrier, skip this paragraph. If however you are switching to a new carrier, contact the new carrier first and explain the plan and timing of the switchover. Seek clarifications about any doubts you have in your mind. If your new carrier has a process of asking the old carrier to cancel the plan for you, ask for a confirmation number. Charge the new iPhone completely so that you do not have a ‘low’ battery signal in the middle of the transfer process. Update iTunes and upgrade to iOS 5. You will need to have iTunes 10.5 software and see that you install this software. The new operating system iOS 5 is available from October 12th. Just plug in your iPhone 4S through the USB cord into your computer and launch iTunes and click on “Check for Updates.” The process of downloading updates can take a long time if there are simultaneous users downloading from the site.

Oct 12, 2011

Integrating Maps on Your iPhone with iMindMap

"iMindMap 1"

iMindMap 1

Almost everyone uses mobile phones and no one would have thought that this small gadget will one day become an inalienable part of every person on this planet. Creators are racing ahead to introduce more and more features in the mobile phone. Apple are the pioneers in this field and they have launched their iPhone and it has been followed by a number of similar appliances by other mobile manufacturers. The creators have made the mobile phone into a multimedia device which caters to even the most whimsical demands of the users. One such application which you can use with your iPhone is the mind mapping software called iMindMap

Integrating Maps on Your iPhone



It is possible to integrate your iPhone with the iMindMap (even if you did the unlock iPhone 4s thing). This gives you an advantage of moving around freely without any stress since the software now follows you with your iPhone. You can have the full access of the software without worrying about discharged batteries since this software is tailor made to be used on the smartphone. The Tony Buzan’s and Chris Griffith’s amazing software is now ready to be integrated in the iPhone. You can give reality to all your ideas which are forming in your brain by using your iPhone. Mind mapping has never been so easy and comfortable.
Don’t just add the colored lines and branches but you can also make your background varied and colorful. Using your iPhone will give you an appealing workspace for mind mapping. You can also make child branches to your diagram and also expand it at will with no limitations.

Bring virtual into reality



Bring all the thoughts in your mind to reality with the iMindMap for iPhones. You will never miss a moment of fun. Imagine how much fun you will be having on an annual holiday. The travelling, the hotel stays, shopping, exotic locales, delicious food, and much more. It is no problem to capture your thoughts when the iPhone is just a touch away. You can share your mind maps with your friends, and loved ones in a jiffy. All you need is to bring the mind map into reality with the iMindMap and email it to your friends. (if you followed the guide of How to Unlock iPhone you should be able to do this even if it is unlocked)

Complete compatibility with the computer

One of the best parts of this program on iPhone is its complete compatibility with the computer versions of iMindMap. This means that you can easily use your mind maps on your desktop once you return from your vacation. Both the mind maps versions are well matched and you can use the mind maps which you have designed with your iPhone onto your desktop by simply e-mailing them. You can further carry out the work on these mind maps. You can extend these maps by adding branches, or you can delete some branches as per your needs. Mind mapping is not only restricted to your desktop. One can expand the possibilities and also work more efficiently with this software on the mobile phone. The iMindMap helps your mind think better with its mind maps. . It’s proven to relieve mental stress, make your brain creative, and efficient and it works for your iPhone.

Oct 10, 2011

The path breaking iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S

"Apple iPhone 4S"

Apple iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S will propel Apple beyond RIM and its popular Blackberry series. This is also imperative if Apple wants to be a serious contender as a provider of mobile solutions. We will have a close look at the features of the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S. To improve upon something which is already amazing is a challenge and is something which is always loved by Apple. The iPhone 4 is a path breaking mobile phone and way ahead of its compatriots. Therefore it must have been very challenging to bring out the iPhone 4S which has been crowned the number one smartphone in the world by critics. Building upon the path breaking design and features of iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S was born by redesigning the inside.

The features which has been included in the iPhone 4S is as follows-

  • Introduction of the A5 Chip which incorporates the dual- core chip design which allows the smartphone to have twice the speed as its earlier compatriots.
  • A redesigned camera with 8 megapixel resolutions and all new optics
  • iPhone 4S has been redesigned with the iOS 5 which allows you to access more than 200 different types of applications
  • Includes the iCloud which allows you to store your photos, videos, messages, contact details, applications and much more

The Siri- Your personal assistant

"Apple Siri"

Apple Siri

This path breaking feature will change the way you will look at the smartphone: Siri. This feature gives the user the services of a personal assistant who will work with your voice and gives you the option to send messages, schedule meetings, reschedule meetings, place phone calls and many more such useful functions. Siri is markedly different from other voice operated applications since it understands what the user says; it interacts and talks back to the user. In short Siri makes the user feel that he is talking to the smartphone. Siri is proactive and it will keep asking questions to the user until it finds what you need.

Introducing the newest feature that will change the way you look at a smartphone: Siri. With it, you will finally have an assistant that answers all your wishes and make your life easier. Siri works with your voice and allows you to send messages, schedule or cancel meetings, place your phone calls, and many more. Unlike any other voice operated applications, Siri understands what you say, what you mean, and it talks back to you. It is easy to use while doing so much for you.

A5 dual core processor

"Apple A5 Chip"

Apple A5 Chip

With an A5 dual core processor in its heart which allows the application graphics to run at a speed which is seven times faster. Applications like browsing the web, launching different applications, playing games have never been faster and easier with your iPhone4S.  The A5 chip is also a very power efficient chip and its battery life is long. If you are a Games buff, you will love this Smartphone.

8-megapixel Camera

"iPhone 4S 8MP-Camera"

iPhone 4S 8MP-Camera

The pictures you take with the iPhone 4S seldom look like a picture which has been taken with a smartphone camera. Apple has added another lens to the camera of the iphone 4 and the result has been quite astounding. The aperture has also been modified for allowing more light for excellent pictures. So if you are still using your unlock iPhone 3G, then now is the time to upgrade!