Oct 13, 2011

How to get ready for the new iPhone 4S



It is a very puzzling situation when you migrate from an old phone to a new one and if the new phone is something extraordinary gadget like the iPhone 4S, it becomes even more urgent to securely transfer all the data including contacts and apps to the new smart phone from the old one.  Changing over from an old iPhone 3 to a new iPhone4S is quite a problem and it can be a bigger problem if you are changing carriers also. However if you have a little bit of knowledge and tact, you can easily accomplish this job without having to endanger your privacy. Just 10 minutes of your precious time is all that is required to read this article and you will not have to sweat it out to set up your new iPhone 4S.

What to do With Your Old Phone



There are many options which you can have with your old iPhone 3. You can keep it, sell it, or recycle it. If you decide to keep it , it will have a number of use like , it can function as a pocket PC, or you can use it as a backup phone in case you lose data from your ne iPhone 4S due to some unexpected reasons. You can give it to your family members especially kids who will still love it. Do not forget to remove all your data since you do not want the kid o lose it with your credit card number saved in it.

The next option is to sell it. You can seek to sell the old iPhone on the eBay or Craiglist. However you can get the best price if you try to sell your iPhone yourself. However if you do not have the time to sell it yourself, try your luck in NextWorth or Gazelle. The price may be a little less than your expectation, but still you will be avoiding a lot of legwork and trouble.

You can also donate your old iPhone (even if di the unlock iPhone thing). There are a number of charity programs which will accept the old iPhone. Donate it to a NGO that is working on a cause you believe or a public charity you know. Once again, do not forget to erase all data from your phone.

Apple has a recycling program for old iPhone. There are some incentives; however it does not equal the money you will get by reselling it. However it is environmentally friendly and better than just throwing it away. Again, do not forget to erase all the data before giving your old iPhone for recycling.

Prepare for the Migration

"iPhone 4S"

iPhone 4S

If you are carrying on with your own carrier, skip this paragraph. If however you are switching to a new carrier, contact the new carrier first and explain the plan and timing of the switchover. Seek clarifications about any doubts you have in your mind. If your new carrier has a process of asking the old carrier to cancel the plan for you, ask for a confirmation number. Charge the new iPhone completely so that you do not have a ‘low’ battery signal in the middle of the transfer process. Update iTunes and upgrade to iOS 5. You will need to have iTunes 10.5 software and see that you install this software. The new operating system iOS 5 is available from October 12th. Just plug in your iPhone 4S through the USB cord into your computer and launch iTunes and click on “Check for Updates.” The process of downloading updates can take a long time if there are simultaneous users downloading from the site.

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