Oct 12, 2011

Integrating Maps on Your iPhone with iMindMap

"iMindMap 1"

iMindMap 1

Almost everyone uses mobile phones and no one would have thought that this small gadget will one day become an inalienable part of every person on this planet. Creators are racing ahead to introduce more and more features in the mobile phone. Apple are the pioneers in this field and they have launched their iPhone and it has been followed by a number of similar appliances by other mobile manufacturers. The creators have made the mobile phone into a multimedia device which caters to even the most whimsical demands of the users. One such application which you can use with your iPhone is the mind mapping software called iMindMap

Integrating Maps on Your iPhone



It is possible to integrate your iPhone with the iMindMap (even if you did the unlock iPhone 4s thing). This gives you an advantage of moving around freely without any stress since the software now follows you with your iPhone. You can have the full access of the software without worrying about discharged batteries since this software is tailor made to be used on the smartphone. The Tony Buzan’s and Chris Griffith’s amazing software is now ready to be integrated in the iPhone. You can give reality to all your ideas which are forming in your brain by using your iPhone. Mind mapping has never been so easy and comfortable.
Don’t just add the colored lines and branches but you can also make your background varied and colorful. Using your iPhone will give you an appealing workspace for mind mapping. You can also make child branches to your diagram and also expand it at will with no limitations.

Bring virtual into reality



Bring all the thoughts in your mind to reality with the iMindMap for iPhones. You will never miss a moment of fun. Imagine how much fun you will be having on an annual holiday. The travelling, the hotel stays, shopping, exotic locales, delicious food, and much more. It is no problem to capture your thoughts when the iPhone is just a touch away. You can share your mind maps with your friends, and loved ones in a jiffy. All you need is to bring the mind map into reality with the iMindMap and email it to your friends. (if you followed the guide of How to Unlock iPhone you should be able to do this even if it is unlocked)

Complete compatibility with the computer

One of the best parts of this program on iPhone is its complete compatibility with the computer versions of iMindMap. This means that you can easily use your mind maps on your desktop once you return from your vacation. Both the mind maps versions are well matched and you can use the mind maps which you have designed with your iPhone onto your desktop by simply e-mailing them. You can further carry out the work on these mind maps. You can extend these maps by adding branches, or you can delete some branches as per your needs. Mind mapping is not only restricted to your desktop. One can expand the possibilities and also work more efficiently with this software on the mobile phone. The iMindMap helps your mind think better with its mind maps. . It’s proven to relieve mental stress, make your brain creative, and efficient and it works for your iPhone.

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