Nov 14, 2011

Why should you Buy iPhone 4s?

iPhone 4s was launched earlier in October this year and produce a mega sales all around the world. iPhone 4s is really an impressive touchscreen smartphone with the 4th generation features. However, there are many touchscreen smartphones available in market then why should you buy iPhone 4s? Why should you buy iPhone 4s when you have a lot of touch screen smartphones variety? Many people are like this and they question ‘why should we buy iPhone 4s?’ There are so many reasons which make Apple’s iPhone 4s superior then many other companies like Motorola, Samsung and HTC.

Know about SIRI

The outstanding features of iPhone 4s becomes the answer for the question ‘where should you buy iPhone 4s’. Among the most amazing iPhone 4s features, you will find SIRI, 8 mp pixel camera with 1080p HD video recording and a dual core processor with amazing retina display. The newest feature in market, which no other phone can give you, is SIRI. It is basically an artificial intelligence progress and the engineers of Apple Inc. became the first to introduce it in a smartphone making it very smart! Using this feature, you can communicate with your iPhone 4s to ask almost anything and the SIRI replies you back with a computer voice recorded sound or searching through internet. For instance, you are looking for a taxi cab and you ask SIRI, ‘I would like to travel around city in a taxi cab’, SIRI will respond back with searching internet and checking your GPRS location to make a call to your local taxi cab office. In the same manner, you can do more stuff with your amazing iPhone 4s. The speech to text feature in iPhone 4s is also appreciable. This is the main reason people buy iPhone 4s because it understands you!

iPhone 4s Camera is the best

If you give priority to a camera in a phone, you must buy iPhone 4s! It has an 8 mp camera with 1080 HD video recording result. The camera is upgraded to all new optics, better zooming result and nature-like color contrast to make a professional photographer experience! You can see comparisons between iPhone 4s and other camera phones. You will be glad to find iPhone 4s camera the best!

A5 processor and other features

A new A5 processor dual core chip added to iPhone 4s can be another good reason for the question ‘why should you buy iPhone 4s’. This is making the phone performance really fast and high speed to browse internet, use applications and games. Makes your iPhone 4s fun to use and enjoy. Moreover, CDMA & GSM works together on iPhone 4s, the longer battery life time and 8 hours calling time making your experience best. You must buy iPhone 4s if you care about having best gadget.

Where to buy iPhone 4s?

Where to buy iPhone 4s? There are many choices for you to buy iPhone 4s. You can either check in Apple Online Store or you can visit Apple retail stores to instantly purchase iPhone 4s. There are also many other options available for you to buy iPhone 4s like Amazon, Best Buy, Radio Shack etc. This definitely depends on you which purchasing shop suits you more and which carrier you like to have. Remember, iPhone 4s are locked mostly and use only one carrier network’s of your micro SIM card.

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