Jail-breaking Iphone 4

The latest version of the iPhone was released in June 2010 and has a variety of new benefits over previous versions of the phone, making it more appealing and more useful. However, more and more consumers are finding that they want to be able to use the device on their own terms rather than on Apple's. Unlocking an iPhone using tools available on the Internet has become a pastime of many iPhone users.

Unlocking an iPhone is commonly referred to "jail-breaking" and is meant as a way for people who have purchased one of the devices to use it as they wish, but they are not one and the same thing. The term jail-breaking refers only to the process of enabling the device to use apps other than the ones from the appstore. Unlocking enables the iPhone to be used with carriers other than the ones licensed by Apple. In many cases, it will be necessary to jailbreak iPhone devices in order to unlock them.

About the iPhone 4
From the steel frame that doubles as the device's antenna to the 512 MB of RAM that the device possesses, the latest iPhone is revolutionary, even when compared to its predecessor. The most significant development is that it is now available on more than one carrier, which means that consumers have some choice as to the network they can use, but many users still desire more features that they can only get if they unlock their iPhone 4s.

Benefits of jail-breaking or unlocking an iPhone
There are many reasons to jailbreak what easily the most sophisticated and sought-after piece of technology since the current decade began. Apart from satisfying the need to fight Apple's desire to control how a consumer uses the product they bought, jail-breaking an iPhone brings many new apps, and the apps are the element that really sets the iPhone apart from the rest of the smart phone herd. The apps that may be installed on an iPhone that lacks jail-breaking are forbidden to users of locked phones because they are in violation of the rules that Apple dictates to its customers. The variety of forbidden apps is great enough that a jail-broken iPhone is like a whole new device.

The main benefit of unlocking is being able to use the device with a different provider. Unlocking an iPhone 4 gives the user their choice of the cell service companies and not just the ones that Apple has given the right to sell their products. This means that the user gets their choice of rates and may use the phone in an area in which the Apple provider does not offer service, even use the phone with a prepaid service.

What is involved in jail-breaking an iPhone?
Jail-breaking gives root access to the device and thus greater privileges when it comes to installing applications and themes for the device, since as a locked iPhone boots up, it checks for any software that may be present on the device that is not authorized by Apple. Most methods for jail-breaking an iPhone involve modifying the boot process so that as the device boots up it fails to check for unauthorized software. The operating system, in the case of the latest iPhone is the IOS 5.0 operating system. The Iphone 4, 5.0 jail-break is already available for users who want to liberate their devices.

How easy is it?
Shortly after the release of the release of the original iPhone in 2007, the first jail-breaking method was released. Presently there are several methods available for jail-breaking and unlocking iPhone versions that have come out since those for the first generation, including many to unlock iPhone 3gs which was the last version prior to the current one. The upside is that when these methods work, they provide users with the freedom they want, though not always with the convenience. In some cases the device is damaged and the phone becomes unusable until it is restored to factory state via iTunes. It is therefore important to choose a method for unlocking carefully

The dangers of jail-breaking
There is an even worse situation, however, and that is the phenomenon of the iBrick. Just like tampering with certain elements of a PC can render it completely useless, this can also happen with an iPhone. When an iPhone is truly bricked there is nothing that can be done for it other than to sell it for parts on the Internet. The key for the person that has never done this before is to find out how to jail-break their iPhone 4 without winding up with an expensive block of metal and plastic.

Is it illegal to unlock an iPhone?
The Library of Congress ruled in 2006 that it is not illegal to jail-break an iPhone, nor is it illegal unlock the device to work with other cell carriers. Apple has made it clear that they would like to be, but it is not; jail-breaking is perfectly legal despite the fact that breaking digital locks to get at copyrighted material is still a crime according to the Digital Millennium Act. The Library of Congress ruling also stated that the interest in preventing jail-breaking was a business decision that had nothing to do with copyright protection. Still, Apple has claimed that by violating its terms the user will have voided their warranty. It is also possible for the company to brick jail-broken phones.

About tethered vs untethered iphone jail-breaking
Tethered jail-breaking requires that every time the device is rebooted it be connected to a computer running the unlocking program. Untethered iPhones that have been jail-broken will be able to reboot without being connected to a computer.

Using an altered SIM card to unlock the iPhone
There are devices that can have been used in early versions of the iPhone that work with newer versions as well; these range from forged SIM cards, to devices that can be placed on the SIM card used by the iPhone to alter the information sent out by the device and thus make it work with any carrier with which the device is compatible. Iphone 4s may unlock with many tools, but the reliability of these tools and the support available to those who use them is usually questionable. So it is important to know how to do it right, and which methods are more reliable than others.

Tips to follow prior to attempting any jail-breaking method
Backup your data. Remember, even if your phone does not get bricked, there is still a possibility that all of your pictures and contacts etc. could get lost if you have to restore the phone to factory condition. You can backup your phone in iTunes.

Ensure that you have enough time to complete the jail-breaking process, as it can go on for a long time. There are points during jail-breaking where it may appear that the device has frozen, while it may actually not have. Anyone attempting to jail-break an iPhone will need to exercise a certain amount of patience. So do not rush the process.

By any means, do not interrupt the jail-break during its process. This could result in terrible consequences.

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