When submitting any order, you must choose the ORIGINAL carrier of your iPhone. DO NOT chose who you would like to use it with. You must enter the IMEI accurately. If you do not submit the correct IMEI, your iPhone will not get unlocked and might not be refundable.

Carriers can be very strict with their policy. Under any of the following conditions, a carrier has the right to RE-LOCK a phone after it's been unlocked:

  1. A customer does not pay their bill
  2. A phone is/was stolen
  3. A phone is still under contract

ANY phone (unless the phone is cleared of it's contract) can be re-locked any time by the carrier. This is not in our hands and therefore we CAN NOT be held liable for it. You are given FAIR WARNING that if you submit an order and we process it as COMPLETED, we are not accountable or responsible if phone is RE-LOCKED AT ANY TIME!

Also, please note that all processing times are given as ESTIMATES and are NEVER guaranteed.

Your device should be unlocked within the estimated time which will be provided while you are placing an order but if in any case we fail to deliver what we promise and cross 5 days more than the estimate time then you can request a refund and your amount will be refunded without any Questions Asked.

If you do not accept our terms, DO NOT SUBMIT AN ORDER!